R&D Software Engineer at Thales Communications and Security, in the Defence & Security C4I Systems (DSC) division. I work on network-centric architectural research subjects and contribute actively to multiple french and european collaborative project, such as CHOReOS, FI-WARE, SocEDA and CONNECT, to name a few. My work topics and skills are currently focused on service and resource oriented architectures (e.g. SOA and REST), Future Internet and Big Data. I also have past experience as a teacher at University Paris VIII where I was giving a course on “Distributed Applications in Java" to Master students.

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Before being hired at Thales Communications and Security, I was a PhD student at Thales Land & Joint Systems and at the LIP6 Computer Science Laboratory of University Paris VI. The subject of my thesis is “A qualitative approach for decision making under non-functional constraints during agile service composition”. You can download the full document of my thesis in french, or an excerpt in english.

Website design

I’m the website designer and administrator of and, two great sites that gives video tutorials on origami folding. Take also a look at the website of the Heritage Museum located in my hometown of Saint Pierre & Miquelon.

I used to develop stuff...

My other pet projects include MacOS X software development. I developed
Sidenote, whose design was made by Laurent Baumann, a simple and free note taking software for MacOS X that is not maintained anymore due to my professional constraints. The last 1.7.3 version is still available for download, but unsupported.