6 Small House Ideas with Garage

Not only is it a place to park and protect your vehicle, but the garage can also be an architectural highlight if you want to.

Yes. When designing a new house, an architect must know that integrating the garage with the overall design of the house, can take the house to another level. From this, it can be seen that the garage should not be forgotten, even though the occupancy we have is small, simple, or simple.

Let’s take a look at examples.

1. Proportional

1. Proportional Small House Idesa with Garage

Don’t let the simple appearance of the facade of this house fool you. Because this house is quite generous, complete with an integrated garage with four bedrooms, which as a whole, provides comfort and luxury for everyone who lives in it.

The front balconies – as well as the back of the house – offer great views as well as style, with natural wood and glass finishes, which make the whole façade very nice.

2. Integrated

2. Integrated Small house with Garage

Looking luxurious even if it’s simple or simple, we love the unusual touch to this chipped color scheme home, with a garage that can accommodate two cars, right in front of and in the middle of the house.

But, don’t think that this will have an impact on the interior of the house because, in this residence, there are four bedrooms, two large bathrooms, and a comfortable common room to enjoy.

3. Minimalist exterior with a garage

3. Minimalist Small house with Garage

From the street, this house looks like a tall building in white and gray which is very minimal and contemporary.

The white volume of the building represents the presence of a garage, and a window is located at the top of the house, showing how much the owner of this house attaches great importance to privacy.

Let’s take a look at the garage.

The garage of this house is quite bright, it also looks quite spacious and elegant in white and gray. And a staircase on the left will take you to the top floor, where the main room of the house is located.

4. Space Saving

This truly is a fully functional family home, with a bold and warm design through its contrasting colors, and minimalist ideas that are downright effective. For example, placing the garage on the right side of the house. Saves space.

5. Versatile Entrance

Usually, the garage is attached to the side of the house or hidden in the back of the house. But this house makes the garage a special feature of the overall house design ideas, by placing it in the entrance area of ​​the house, where there is a thick black door with a simple design that is in harmony with the ultra-modern style of this house’s exterior.

6. Be Creative!

And if you still lack space in the main building of your house to include a garage, then this clean and modern carport garage design will be more suitable for protecting your vehicle.

Design the garage to your liking, adjust it to the size of the vehicle, and then contact a professional to build it. Just be more creative, and make your life easier!

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