7 Minimalist Carport Ideas for Small House to Parking Vehicles

The carport is an important part of a house for placing vehicles such as cars, bicycles, or motorbikes. Not only that, the carport design that is following the conditions of the residence can provide its characteristics and uniqueness.

However, do you still find cars parked beautifully in a carport with limited land, especially in urban areas?

Limited land is one of the problems that is often faced by those who use four-wheeled vehicles. However, you can design the carport to the minimum and adjust it to the parking area of ​​your home.

Minimalist Carport

Here is some inspiration for minimalist car carport designs for small and luxurious homes that can be a reference for your dream carport model.

1. Minimalist classic carport colors

minimalist classic Carport

A minimalist carport with a choice of classic dark brown colors makes the carport design look more modern and stylish. You can use the remaining land next to the house to be used as a parking area for vehicles.

2. Minimalist carport next to the house

Minimalist white carport with full natural sunlight. This design is perfect for saving the side of the house by adding a roof from the canopy to keep the car from the rain. Minimalist design and very functional without the need for a guardrail can be your choice.

3. Car carport behind the house

The land is too narrow and the empty land can only fit one car? You can design a carport with as little land as possible. take advantage of a living fence in the form of trees on the side with a carport made of minimalist wood and clear glass at the top. The carport design seems natural, modern, and minimalist. You only need to add a barrier on the front door for access in and out.

4. Carport with an open model

You can design a carport openly and blend it with the additional land of your home like this. The choice of paint with white floors makes the house seem minimalist. In addition, the carport without borders allows full light to enter freely. This removes the impression that the carport is dirty and dirty with oil and lost vehicle tires. The carport looks cleaner and more up-to-date.

5. Luxury car carport

Modern, minimalist, and contemporary carport designs don’t have to be expensive. You can use wood or aluminum to design a carport to a minimum with a roof made of thick plastic or glass. The choice of gray color makes the carport design more masculine and the access to natural light can enter freely.

6. Exotic and aesthetic carport

You can apply exotic and aesthetic carport to limited land in your minimalist home. the addition of a carport on the side and blends with the house can be an option. The walls of the house are left without plamir or showing the bricks that are still to give the impression of an industrial and exotic style. Moreover, combined with a choice of white on the carport and not given a barrier.

7. The car carport that separate from the house

The choice of a minimalist carport design separate from your home, as in this picture, can be the best. the choice of masculine colors shows the character of the owner. In addition, the addition of front and side fences protects the car from rain and sunshine. Even so, air can still enter freely.

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