5 Beautiful Terrace Designs That Can Be Your Inspiration

BEAUTIFUL TERRACE DESIGN – Gathering with relatives, family, and friends is certainly very fun, especially if we have an outdoor room or a special terrace at home to relax. Do you want to create a beautiful terrace design with an outdoor theme? Here, we presents some examples of terrace designs that look unique and beautiful and make you and those who visit you feel happy and comfortable.

1. House Terrace with Stone Design

Beautiful Terrace Designs

If you want to give the impression of the stone age on the terrace of your house, you can use river stones as a medium for making benches and tables. This method is classified as very cost-effective in building a terrace because it only uses stone as the main material. In addition, you can add sitting cushions so that they don’t hurt when sitting and small and medium pillows to make your patio design more beautiful and attractive.

It will be more attractive and beautiful if you build it with a terrace environment surrounded by plants and trees that towering stems. So that it will give the impression if you are in the stone age.

2. Terrace with Shades of Green

The next beautiful terrace design is with shades of green where you can use grass and leaves that are not big roots to decorate your terrace. for the part of the wall that limits you can use creeping plants to make the nuance more lively.

The seats used are quite simple, namely by arranging several pieces of wood that are put together. Or if you want it to be easier, you can buy a ready-made bench made of wood. A terrace like this will give you a sense of calm and comfort when you are in that place with relatives and friends.

3. Home Terrace with Bench and Table Design from Clay

clay table and chair at terrace

If you want to provide a different atmosphere for your outdoor terrace, you can apply this one design, namely by using a terrace with clay benches and tables. The design of this terrace is the same as a terrace whose benches and tables are made of stone, it’s just that the table can be multifunctional, namely to store cold drinks and become a fireplace. So a terrace with a design like this can be used at any time, be it during the day or night.

4. Terrace with Wooden Benches

The next beautiful terrace design is to use a foldable wooden bench. For the ceiling, you can use a cover placed by creeping plants. In addition, you can also use the outdoor terrace with wooden planks and a little touch of trees behind your chair so that the atmosphere of your terrace is cooler and greener.

5. Terrace with Wooden Planks Roof

The last terrace design is that you can create a terrace that looks outdoor because it is placed on the home page. In order not to give the feeling of direct heat and scorching sun, you can use wooden planks commonly used by Japanese people. To give an interesting impression you can choose a neutral color for the bench.

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