Difference between tigers and tigers, don’t be confused!

These 2 animal names are certainly very frequent, we hear and also use them in day-to-day life. But attempt to think of Blibli Friends once more, do you know which ones are tigers and also which are tigers? Can you tell the difference in between the two? As a matter of fact, there are many individuals who are often mistakenly called it and also some also believe that tigers and tigers coincide animal. So as not to be embarrassed due to the fact that you do not understand, let’s very first check the distinctions in between tigers as well as tigers!


Tigers as well as Tigers Are Different Species

So, where do you believe tigers as well as tigers are the same? Both varieties are different, you understand. Tigers are included between feline varieties, while tigers are included in the big cat species. Both are included in the Felidae and Panthera category, but have various varieties relying on the kind. For tigers, as an example, enter the Tigris species which is the biggest pet cat breed in the world. Meanwhile, the leopard belongs to the Pardus species, and the jaguar, which is a close relative of the leopard, is the Onca varieties.

Their Body Size Is Also Different

If we consider the species alone, Blibli Friends can end that tigers are bigger than tigers. That’s right, since adult tigers have an average size of 2.5 to 3.9 meters as well as consider 90 – 310 kg. Meanwhile, the tiger is smaller, with a body size of 90 to 160 cm and a weight of 31 kg. The height of an adult tiger can get to 120 cm, while the leopard is only 70 cm. Their life expectancy is also various, tigers can be approximately 17 years, while tigers typical 15 years.

The body shade and also pattern are different from leopards

Tigers are famous for their black stripes. The red stripes or stripes all over the body are a characteristic of tigers that tigers don’t have. For fur shade, normally red brownish on top and white on the stomach and also neck. On the other hand, the tiger has a variety of shades and patterns. Leopards have brownish fur with black dots. Black panther has black hair.

So, if you check out the details, it becomes extremely clear, best, the difference between a tiger and also a tiger? Then what do the two have in common?

Both Including Types of Cats

Yes, both tigers and also tigers are types of pet cats. This can be seen from the physical type of the two which are bigger versions of regular felines. But for the shape of the body, face, feet and also hands, tail, and also the appearance of the fur appears like an average feline.

Carnivorous Animals

The following formula is that tigers and also tigers are predators or meat eaters. Both of them obey searching and catching other pets such as deer, buffalo, horses, cows, or pigs. As well as certainly both of them are wild animals, yes, because they have very sharp fangs as well as nails. Both attacks as well as scratches can trigger extremely deep and also broad wounds.

Both Reliable Runners

Tigers as well as tigers are also good joggers, although they are still below the level of a lion who can run up to 80 km per hour. Usually, tigers can add to 58 km per hour, while tigers vary from 45 to 65 kilometres per hr depending on their size. So, do not satisfy tigers and tigers, since also running, you will certainly probably be captured!


An additional thing these two animals have in common is that they are both secured. Searching of tigers as well as tigers is purely banned, particularly as their types are ending up being increasingly uncommon. Blibli Friends who such as pet skin bags or devices, much better begin getting imitation ones to assist shield these pets from termination. There are numerous, the selections are in Blibli. Just discover one that matches your shopping style as well as budget!

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